The World’s Most Popular Lotteries

George Washington’s Lottery

George Washington’s Lottery was an innovative idea that helped fund the American Revolution. The first lottos paid many small prizes, but George Washington’s lotto was designed to give out one huge prize. Benjamin Franklin encouraged the idea, and the lottery eventually funded the construction of the mountain road and many other public works.

New York Lottery

The New York Lottery is the state-run lottery in New York. Established in 1967, the lottery is run by the New York State Gaming Commission. The proceeds from this lottery program go toward public education and other projects. Its headquarters are located in Schenectady, New York.

Spanish lotteries

La Primitiva is one of Spain’s most popular lotteries, and it’s one of the country’s oldest. Played since the late 1700s, it requires ticket holders to choose six numbers from a pool of 49. Players can also elect to have the computer randomly choose numbers for them. For a single game, tickets cost around one euro. For a full week’s worth of games, tickets cost about two hundred euros.

French lotteries

The French lottery is operated by the French government. Its current organization, La Francaise des Jeux, was founded in 1976. In 2018, the lottery became more competitive. Since the last launch, the lottery has awarded 4.1 billion euros in prizes and made over 7,900 people millionaires. The largest jackpot hit was 24 million euros in 2011.

Australian lotteries

Australian lotteries are run by lottery operators licensed at the state or territory level. These operators include state government-owned corporations, not-for-profit organisations, and private sector companies.

European lotteries

European Lotteries are keen to support sport and environmental responsibility. This is part of their DNA, and they have partnered with the European Sports NGO (ENGSO) to launch the Youth Integrity Ambassadors Programme. This initiative aims to empower young people to promote sport integrity through local actions. It also focuses on fostering a sense of identity among grassroots communities.

Puerto Rican lotteries

The Puerto Rican lottery is the oldest lottery in the US, and it has been around since 1934. While the New Hampshire lottery is often credited as being the first modern lottery, the Puerto Rican lottery has been operating for a lot longer.