Types of Slot Machines


There are many types of slot machines. We will look at class three, fixed value, five liner and video slots. Once you understand these types of games, you can make the right choice at a casino. Here are some tips for playing your favorite game. If you haven’t yet, make sure you read up on the different types of slot machines. This way, you’ll be ready to start playing in no time. We hope this guide helps you find the perfect slot for your style of play.

Class 3

When playing class III slot machines, you get a more traditional casino experience. Instead of gears or a card to predict the result of a spin, the game uses a random number generator. Class II machines, on the other hand, display a bingo card on the screen. Native American casinos have had difficulty gaining the approval to install class III slots, so slot manufacturers developed Class II gaming machines. They’re similar to regular slot machines, but technically are fancy versions of bingo.

Although the payouts of both Class 2 and Class 3 machines are similar, Class 3 slots are more profitable for casinos. This is because the RNG operates quickly and fairly. State gaming regulators also check RNGs to make sure the odds and payouts are as stated by developers. The payouts are higher on Class 3 machines, which are more popular in U.S. casinos. In addition to being more profitable, Class 3 slots also offer the largest jackpots.

Fixed value

A fixed value slot machine is one in which the player cannot adjust the bet size. Instead, the bet is fixed at a single value, usually one credit per spin. It’s also known as a fruit machine, because it uses pictures of fruit on the reels as symbols. These machines usually feature a number of games per hour, which is the number of spins played in 60 minutes. A typical game can be played for about 500 credits per hour.

Fixed value slots can be challenging for those with little experience in gambling. Compared to adjustable value slots, which allow you to change the number of paylines as you please, fixed value machines can be unpredictable. When playing, determine your bankroll and choose an appropriate type of game. Always remember that the larger your bankroll, the less unpredictable the game can be. Therefore, it’s important to decide on a bankroll before starting a session of play.

Five liner

The Five Liner Slot is a variation of the traditional three-reel slot machine with five alternate payout lines. With these lines, you can win more money faster. A standard coin-operated slot machine can play up to 500 games per hour, depending on the style. As far as house edge goes, the Five Liner Slot has the lowest house advantage. It is also the easiest type of slot machine to play. You can play this game for free or play for real money online.

The main difference between three and five liner slots is the number of paylines. With five lines, you can win if three or six of the same symbols appear on the reels. However, you should understand that this type of slot machine does not have any ways to change the coin size. Therefore, it is best to practice basic strategies on this machine. Knowing what each symbol on the slot does can help you increase your winning potential. In addition, you should learn how to use the spreads in a slot to maximize your wins.


While traditional slots are based on reels, video slots can have many more features. Instead of just one payline, video slots multiply fixed payout values by the number of coins played per line. While reel machines are more traditional, their odds of winning are usually better. Video slots can even include special features that increase their payout potential as you increase your wagers. These features are often referred to as bonus rounds. However, it is important to note that the rules and payout potential of each type of slot will differ slightly.

Aristocrat Technologies first developed five-reel video slots, featuring free-spin bonuses. The success of these games inspired U.S. gamemakers to create video bonusing slots. In early 2000s, Silicon Gaming gave a sneak preview of the Odyssey video slot machines, which boasted a giant screen, high-quality animation, and bonus features. The machines were touted as the future of gaming, but eventually lost in the market.